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Aug. 10th, 2007

Petyr; young Petyr



If you're have questions, want to report a mistake, are going on hiatus or simply need to contact a moderator, please post here.
Petyr; young Petyr


Level Up / Master

If you have leveled up or mastered a deck, comment here to receive your reward!

Level up. 2 choice cards, 4 random cards.

Card post: (link)
New level:
Choice cards:

Mastering a normal deck. 2 choice cards, 3 random cards.
Mastering a special deck. 1 choice special card, 2 choice cards, 4 random cards.

Card post: (link)
Deck mastered:
New deck collecting:
Choice cards:
Petyr; young Petyr



If you own a TCG site/community, comment to this post to affiliate!
Petyr; young Petyr


Deck suggestions

If you have a deck you'd like to be made, comment to this post suggesting it!
Note that the decks listed here are just suggestions, you're welcome to add your own :)

Scene decks

Character decks
One Ring

Special decks
Theatrical trailers
DVD covers
Movie posters
Places (Rivendell, The Shire, Mount Doom...)
Creatures (Elves, Orcs, The Dead...)
Petyr; young Petyr


Card decks

FotR: Fellowship of the Ring
TT: Two Towers
RotK: Return of the King

Scenes Movie Deck name Count Worth
Prologue: One Ring To Rule Them All FotR prologue 151
Concerning Hobbits FotR concerninghobbits 151
Many Meetings FotR manymeetings 151

Characters Movie Deck name Count Worth
Gandalf FotR gandalf1 15 1
Gandalf TT gandalf2 15 1
Gandalf RotK gandalf3 15 1

Special decks Movie Deck name Count Worth
Movie Poster FotR fotrposter 152
Petyr; young Petyr


Level Badges

You can use those badges to display the level you're at!
[lvl badges here]

You can also donate your own set of badges. A set is 5 badges, please keep them all the same size. Post your badges as a reply to this post. You get 5 random cards for every set you donate, and can donate 1 set every month.
Petyr; young Petyr



Name Card post Birthday Job
aikodestiny --- March 27th Almighty Owner
tehsimio --- April 22nd Games
hoshyko --- November 28th Deck Suggestions

Level 1
Nobody yet
Petyr; young Petyr



To join, please comment with the following form.

Username: (your LJ username)
Card post: (please give a valid link)
Collecting: (the name of the deck you're going to collect first)
Referred By: (optional - if you say someone referred you, that person will earn some cards)
Birthday: (optional - you get prizes on your birthday!)

You will receive a starter pack with 3 cards from the set you're collecting, and 3 random cards.
Remember that you can't play games or take freebies before you receive your starter pack. When you've uploaded your cards, comment to tell me you've done so and you'll receive 1 random card.

Important! Joining will open at the beginning of September!
You can still fill the form, but you won't receive the cards until we open. Plus, I'll be posting many more decks as soon as I make them, so you'll have more decks to choose from.
Petyr; young Petyr



Please read all of these rules carefully before joining. I reserve the right to fine or ban members who break the rules.
If you think someone is cheating or breaking the rules, please contact me or a moderator.

1. No cheating. It makes the game unfair, and really, what's the point of cheating for pixels?
2. No direct linking. Save everything to your computer, and upload the images to your own server like Photobucket or Imageshack).
3. Respect other members (and moderators).
4. Don't start playing games or taking freebies before you have received your starter pack.
5. Keep an updated log in your cards post detailing how you earned each of your cards.
6. Card from mastered sets cannot be traded. You can move them to another post, but must keep your master badge displayed in your cards post.
7. Members who are inactive for more than a month get removed. If you're going on hiatus for a long period, please let me know beforehand.
8. Link back to lotr_lj_tcg in your post. If you refer someone you earn cards!
9. When you you post a comment with a game answer, level up form, mastery form, etc, please put "LotR game/level up/master/etc" as your comment's subject, or it'll take me longer to reply.
10. Put "LotR joining form" as your comment's subject when you sign up to earn 2 more random cards.
Petyr; young Petyr



What is LotR LJ TCG?
TCG stands for Trading Cards Game. The objective of the game is to collect small images, or cards, of your favourite scenes or characters from the movie trilogy "The Lord of the Rings". There are many different online TCGs, but this one will be LJ-based, meaning that to join you only need a LJ account (and a place where to host images, like Photobucket or Imageshack).

Card decks
A card deck is (normally) composed of 15 cards depicting the same scene, or character. If you collect all cards from a deck you will "master" it. You will receive some cards along with a master badge to display in your cards post. Cards from decks you mastered can NOT be traded.
Normal decks: They're the most common decks, depicting scenes or characters from the movies. Each normal card is worth 1.
Special decks: Those cards are harder to get, and therefore each of them is worth 2 (or more, if otherwise specified).

Leveling up
For every 100 cards you earn, you go up one level. (This is based on the amount of cards you have, not on their worth.) The rewards for leveling up are some cards and a new level badge to display in your cards post.
The levels are as follows:
Level 1: 0-99 cards
Level 2: 100-199 cards
Level 3: 200-299 cards
Level 4: 300-399 cards
Level 5: 400-499 cards
Level 6: 500+ cards
New levels will be added when someone reaches level 6.

Gaining cards and keeping a log
There are many ways to earn cards, you can play games, donate images, trade with other members, etcetera. It's important that you check the community often, because sometimes I will give out freebies or announce a new contest during an update.
It's very important that you keep a log detailing how you've gained each of your cards, from games, freebies, trades, etcetera. An example of a good log is:
August 1
Traded prologue03 for concerninghobbits13 with aikodestiny.
Got manymeetings04 from Guess the Character Round 01.

You can have the log in a different post, but you must link to it from your main cards post.
This is very important - cheating is easy in online TCGs, and if you have a well-kept log you can prove that you earned your cards fairily.

Before you join, please take a minute to set up your cards post in your journal. Your post must contain:
* a link back to lotr_lj_tcg
* a banner displaying your current level (you can take some premade banners here or create your own)
* the number of cards you own
* a log detailing how you've earned your cards
* ...and of course your cards!
Also remember to turn on your email notifications, or you won't receive game rewards.

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